With all the power issues here on the islands, you need the protection of a good quality battery back-up and surge protection system.

We carry APC and

  • Back-Up provides guaranteed power and surge protection for desktop computers, wireless networks, gaming consoles and other electronics
  • Supplies battery backup power during outages and unsafe voltage fluctuations, as well as protection from damaging surges and spikes
  • 10 total outlets – 5 battery backup and surge, 5 surge only
  • PowerChute software with automatic shutdown
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Line (power) conditioning

Provides Battery Backup Power that allows you to work through power outages and protects your data and equipment. Green features to include outlets that turn off idle peripherals resulting in reduced energy use and saving money on electricity.


In the event of an outage you don’t want to lose everything you’ve been working on. You need to have the time to save all your current open projects and shut your computers down properly. This is where a Battery back-up is so useful. It keeps you up and running, giving you enough time to shut things down, or give you uninterrupted power till the generators kick in. If your router is plugged into this unit, it could give you time to download important files to a local drive in the event of a prolonged outage.

Line conditioning is important here on Guam. In case of a power outage of any kind, it is important to ensure that your computing equipment is safe from voltage spikes and drops. A line conditioner attached to your office equipment will mitigate these problems. It will protect against voltage spikes and drops that could damage sensitive electronic equipment, especially when the power “surges” back on.